[church_admin type=”graph” width=”900″ height=”500″] – displays graph image 900x500px;


[church_admin type=”classes”] displays a list of classes, today (remove today=TRUE for current classes). Logged in users can book in. Logged in Class leaders can check in students

To display all currently open events (includes anything with an open status, regardless of whether registration has closed), paste the following into the post/page text:


To include a specific attendance form on a page/post, paste the tag into the post/page text:

[seatt-form event_id=x]

(x = the event id in the table below). If you haven’t created the event_id, or have deleted it, nothing will be displayed.

To make user comments publicly visible on the post/page event form, add public_comments=1 to the short code, for example:

[seatt-list public_comments=1] or [seatt-form event_id=x public_comments=1]

By default, comments will not be shown in the post/page form.

[church_admin type=”calendar” ] displays a day to view calendar